A Journey of Change and Growth

It was 5 years ago that I packed up my life in Calgary and drove East with Matthew to start our life together with his children. It was an exciting time and I was making big changes in my life. Not only was I moving provinces, I was leaving behind a 15 year career in financial services for a dream of helping people in ways closer to my heart.

I had recently completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training. The process of going through this training, opened up my mind and my heart to new possibilities. First for myself and second for the people I had been helping over the years at the bank. I saw the needs of our human lives in a new way. I knew in my heart that I could serve people more than simply in financial matters. I wanted to help people see their true potential to create lives of meaning and purpose in ways that filled their hearts and souls.

Emerging with this change came possibility to becoming a life coach to help fuel this dream. Yoga offers much enlightenment and potential, yet I felt I drawn to this complimentary pathway to reach more people.

Upon arriving in Nova Scotia, I took some time to settle into our rental home in Prospect Bay. It was a cute little spot right on the water. I was completely mesmerized by the rising and falling tides. It was magical for me to see the ocean ‘breathe’ in this way. Nature’s essence was all around me. I felt like a kid again discovering a new land!

The whole transition brought feelings of freedom and a perspective of anything being possible. Within a few months I had found my life coaching program and was off to New York city the weekend of my 36th birthday. This in itself was unbelievable. You seriously can never guess where life will take you when you follow your dreams!

Meanwhile we had purchased land in Seabright and found a builder for the home we designed. Our house started going up in November of that year. Things were moving quickly, but everything felt absolutely divine. Our dreams were becoming reality.

By May of 2014, one year after my arrival in Nova Scotia, we moved into our new off-grid home and I graduated from my life coaching program. It was time to lay down some roots.

Our first year settling into our home brought joy and some unforgettable challenges to life. Anyone can attest, when you build a new home there are quirks to work through. Build an off-grid home and you can expect a much steeper learning curve! The past 4 years have been interesting to say the least, but as Matthew likes to say, “we are homesteading” which can time. This past year we finally made it through a winter without much issue and this spring is bringing even more opportunity.

We began building a wood shed to keep that precious firewood dry and accessible, while our garden boxes are in production and our first little vegetable seedlings are reaching for the sun!

I feel so much gratitude for the home we’ve created and my life with Matthew and his children. We have an amazing view of St. Margaret’s Bay (which we enjoy sailing on as well), and last year I built my home studio to work from. This has brought a whole new light to my journey. I now have a beautiful space to create in, connect in, and guide my clients and my self into deeper soul clarity.

Since moving to Nova Scotia, I have gone through not only physical spacial changes, but introspective personal growth. Over the past few years, I have worked with coaches and healers to awaken parts of myself that were still living in the past or holding me back from living my dreams. Old beliefs and emotions that weighed on my heart and kept me playing small. Creating change takes awareness and effort. If you can do it however, the world opens up to you. It’s when you truly realize what you’re doing… how you’re being, that subtle mindset shifts emerge so actions you take can create significant influence in your life.

The whole process of transitioning through careers was slightly intimidating, yet amazing. I felt ready and couldn’t imagine staying where I was. Plus, I was moving into something that gave more meaning and value to my life. Acts like this do require self-awareness and conviction to follow your intuition.

Guided to the St. Margaret’s Bay Shambhala Center to check out a yoga class with Gabriela Larranaga. I was grateful to receive her classes and delighted when she asked me to help her by substituting when she was away. In time she helped me to get my first time slot to teach my yoga class!

I had a small following that first year, and if it wasn’t for our dear friend Ed, I can’t say I would have made it. But he was diligent in his 20+ year yoga practice and he kept me showing up. Learning to let go of my expectations of how my classes should grow, and instead being open to receiving each student as they arrived was not always easy, but served me well in the long run. It was quite a change from always having clients walk into my office at the bank to going out into the community, getting to know people, and sharing that I offered yoga classes.

Four years later, my heart is full of gratitude for how connected I feel to my yoga community and those who continue to practice with me. As well, the clients that I have connected with and served as a life coach have brought such value into my life. You always learn things that impact your life when you help people overcome challenges and changes in their lives. It’s never a one way street.

All of the changes I have created in the past few years have helped grow my self-confidence for what I offer and self-acceptance for loving who I have become. When I reflect back I can feel the shifts and changes. Today my life feels much more meaningful.

This year I have stepped into new growth, by running my first full day workshop; incorporating yoga, life coaching and Chakradance! Witnessing these beautiful souls embracing their inner truth and opening up to new possibilities filled my heart. I could feel my souls purpose emanating that day. I’m eager to continuing this growth with more workshops!

This summer I will complete my 500 hour yoga teacher training with the Himalayan Institute. Over the past year this training has evolved my teaching and I feel awakened to my inner truth of potential in such a greater capacity. My growth is ongoing… just as all of ours can be.

Sharing each group yoga class, opening my studio doors to private yoga sessions and life coaching clients, as well as sharing workshops of Chakradance, yoga, and group coaching has brought home my dream of helping others see the possibilities in their lives.

I feel like I have truly come home to my self in my life passions, both professionally and personally. Yet, I can’t wait to see what then next 5 years bring!

If you are contemplating a change or can feel the Universe drawing you in an unexpected direction, check in and discover the possibilities within you. You shine in your own unique way. Don’t let anyone else’s fears of your changes hold you back from living your dream. Be your best self and serve your soul’s vision. It’s worth it!

Love and light,

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