An Invitation To All Your Parts

Living presently does not require you to forget or forgive your past, instead you can learn how to bring it with you. Accept and embrace all the parts that make you, You.

Throughout life we journey through many highs and lows; celebration and challenges; certainty and uncertainty. Each experience offers a variety of life learnings and new possibilities.

Every time you overcome an obstacle or realize the benefits of your efforts, a new part emerges within your existing self. You may feel a deeper sense of self connection after making a challenging decision or you may feel accomplishment as you take a step you never new possible. When you acknowledge the parts that endured the journey with you, you can draw on them when you need them in the future.

All Your PartsIn my early 20’s, I went through some challenging years. As I came through them I noticed a stronger sense of self. I felt confident and connected to more of my possibilities. Although the challenges were difficult, I learned how to bring these parts of myself into my present instead of allowing them to fade into my past.

As I moved away from the challenging experiences I realized I did not need to forget or forgive myself for what happened. I chose acceptance instead and I felt closer to the part of me emerging from the experiences. I was opening up to who I was becoming. As I learned to embrace all parts of me, I felt more connected to my needs, my strengths, and my truths.

Your past transforms parts of you which prepare you for your future, draw on those parts in your present. Tweet this!

We have many parts of our self which make up who we are today. The past experiences we had do not define us, but the parts of self that emerge help to create us. Some parts will hold a more impactful place in our lives than others, but each part needs acknowledgment for the efforts endured and growth received.

Allow all past parts of you into your present, you will come to know your true self more deeply.

How do you reflect on your past? Do you see the value your past experiences offer you today?

Please comment and share your experiences!

Thank you for spending your time with me today. I hope you received great value to take with you in your life. If you are interested in receiving future articles, please subscribe on the sidebar and contact me to see how I can help you live with all of your parts.

From all of my parts to all of yours…

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