No Regrets

When our heart feels heavy about a choice we have made or our head is beating us up with over thinking our decision, it can throw us into a flurry of confusion and frustration. Wishing we had the… Read More

Releasing Old Patterns

This week, I was inspired by a conversation with a client to write about our thoughts and beliefs, how they impact us, and how we can work with them to create change in our lives. How do our… Read More

Seeking Acceptance

What is acceptance and how does it impact our lives? As I look around at social media, pop culture and even in our communities, I see people seeking a sense of connection from the world around them. What… Read More

Is that butterflies, or hunger pains?

Do you ever notice sensations in your body like tingling, pain, or tightness? These sensations are the wisdom of your body trying to send signals to your brain. Somehow the body signals can be missed by the confusion,… Read More