The Gift of Time

When the needs around you change, notice when you have the opportunity to use energy you would normally apply to one place to another. This week I was given a gift. The gift of time. My loving partner… Read More

Passion Quest

When I hear people talk about passions, often they are┬ánot sure what they are passionate about or really unsure of what that word means to them. I recall a few years ago, noticing that I really wasn’t sure… Read More

Skip, dance, cartwheel!

Playful running, skipping, hopping, jumping, cartwheels, hand stands, and all those good feelings that came with them. How can we bring those joyful feelings back into our lives today? You may not feel like you can do a… Read More

The Road Less Traveled

What does it mean to walk the path less traveled? It means that you have to take some risks. It’s not simply following in someone else’s foot steps to get where you want to go. So, what is… Read More

Change brings Growth, Growth offers Change

Change and growth have an intertwined relationship. With one, the other becomes possible. What is the impact of change and growth in our lives? Change requires something to pass in order for something else to be gained. When… Read More