Come Back To Your Truth

Life is overwhelming when you feel trapped in a situation and it leaves you feeling depleted. When we allow this feeling to take over, we get stuck, but when we take mindful actions, we come back to our truth with a feeling of fulfillment.

Recently, I experienced a couple of friends going through this and it reminded me of times I also felt this way. I recall thoughts of uncertainty about my future, confusion of why I was in the situation, and fear of how to get out of it.

How can you move through these uncomfortable experiences?

Awareness and action will lead you back to your truth.
Here are some ways to help:

Be aware of your thoughts – Observe what you are telling your self about the situation. Notice what thoughts are showing up and what feeling they leave you with.
Ask someone to listen without judgement or a need to ‘fix’ you – Speaking your thoughts and needs while being heard by empathetic ears, without judgement, is powerful to feeling acknowledged.
Notice where you put your attention and energy – If you focus on the issue, the issue will focus on you. Acceptance of the situation and choosing to take action in accordance with your true intentions can break the cycle.
Get in touch with your self-love – You are worthy of getting through the ordeal and trust you will.

Light in dark spotsWhen we are challenged to overcome something in life, we are often thrown off our centre, away from our truth. When we realize this, tap into our personal truth, and take action, we regain our inner strength, accept our circumstances, and trust our self to persevere.

Life is a wave of ups and downs, but with attention and action, we can find our way back to our true self. Tweet this!

What challenge have you been faced with recently? Have you found your truth in the matter or do you need to check in?

Please share your thoughts or experiences.

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Trust your self, Love your self.

xo, Brenda

5 Comments on “Come Back To Your Truth

  1. Dear Brenda, I can’t remember if I’ve written you this same sentiment before, so please forgive me if this is a repeat… I saw you at the Just Us café the evening Anita Hovey spoke.  You and I didn’t have a chance to meet, but I noticed the sparkle in your eye, that which is rooted in the study of Yoga.  I do wish we had chatted that evening. I am enjoying your blog thoroughly and thought you might like to know.  I have indeed noticed your poster at Bike and Bean prior to the Just Us evening and have your web address in my notes, hoping to attend a class.  I live in Hubley and my schedule has simply not permitted attending.  I really appreciate your writing, sentiments, wisdom, AND marketing.  Beautiful job and wanted to offer my accolades. I am near the end of my YTT200 and also have a “voiceover” business, so I am very interested in both the study of Yoga and business marketing, so I really appreciate what you are putting out there!!! Just followed you on Twitter – I am both “YogaWisdomPath” and “NatashaVOX”.   Hope the wind blows us together again and we’ll have the chance to connect! All the best and love! Natasha

    Natasha Marchewka “Your work is all I talk about!”Professional Voice | blog |twitter | LinkedIn |google+ For my weekly “uplifting and electrifying” blog in your inbox, please respond to this email with SIGN ME UP!

    • Hi Natasha! I appreciate you reaching out and I am saddened that we didn’t get a chance to meet at the Just Us event. Thank you for your comments about my work, website, and the sparkle in my eye. 🙂 That is exciting that you are broadening your horizons with yoga! It offers so much. I do hope you can make it out to a class some evening! But in the mean time if you ever have time for tea or coffee, we aren’t far apart, it would be lovely to connect! Let me know, or you can email me as well. Lots of love, Brenda.

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