Ebb and Flow with Change

The ebb and flow of creating change in our lives can often be pictured like this…

One day you’re ready, stepping forward feels so good, you know your future is bright, you can feel the changes flowing within you and somehow the next day you’re standing there saying, “Where did that darn brick wall come from? I am obviously not ready yet.” or “I can’t even move, it’s best I stay where I am at.”

When we begin to make change and choose new steps in our lives, we often feel that initial flow of excitement screaming “YES!! This is what I have been looking for, life is going to be fantastic!” And we will ride that wave for a day, a few days, a week, but as is life, the excitement does not always last and reality kicks in. That incredible change you envisioned suddenly feels daunting, scary, or down right uncomfortable.

Why!? Why do we resist the change we want?

Well, just like the tides ebb and flow, we also flow through changes in our emotions and in our physical body. This can impact our momentum. In every moment things are shifting and moving with the flow of life. Nothing really stops, but it can seem to stand still. Our emotions fly high and then come down from the clouds to take a rest on the soil. In our bodies, old cells die and new cells grow. In reality, we are constantly changing even when things seem to stay the same.

How do we still create the change that we long for, knowing that brick walls are likely going to show up?

Ebb and FlowWell, let’s start with setting the expectation with ourself. It is important to recognize that with change there will be days of great leaps and bounds forward and there will be days that nothing makes sense and you may even feel like you are going backward. Allow your growth to be natural and true. Go with your own flow and honour it through the ups and downs.

Now, how about being prepared. What is your support system like for the change you want to create. Although it is up to your to take your own steps, having support can be exactly what you need to help you get through the challenges. Having someone to help you work through the blocks, encourage you through the mud, and celebrate with the victories can really make the entire change experience much lighter. Know who your person or people are that will be there for you, before you get started.

Remember it is a journey. This is one that I have to remind myself of constantly. When we set our sights on something that want, we often want it now. But as my Dad always said, “that is not the way the world works Brenda”. Besides if we got everything we wanted now, what kind of life would that be? The journey IS the experience; the true zest of life. Without the journey we lose the meaning, the importance, and the real growth.

So let’s flow with change, take the curves, the highs and lows, and those edges of our edge that keep us growing and expanding into our greatness.

Remember, with any change, you will flow, you will ebb, but with intention you will flow again. Tweet this!

So over to you, how do you work with the ebb and flow of change? Please share your comments and experiences in the comment box below.

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