Find Your Motivation

Tools and apps are readily available help us get things done, so why do we still find it hard to get motivated?

We all possess an inner drive, ready to help us fulfill our potential every day. When we use it, we take leaps and bounds in our intentions and actions. When we do not, we stay where we are or backtrack.

We often allow the voice preferring to stay in the safety of status-quo to overpower the voice longing for us to live to our highest potential.

It is easier to wait and do it later; someday, perhaps “when I’m ready”.

We feel perfection is needed in order to take action. Yet, we will not realize how ready we are unless we take action. We will only know we can swim by jumping into the water. The fear of perfection prevents us from understanding our potential.

In my life, I cycle through motivated states to unmotivated states. I know you can relate. There are a few concepts I use to help me remember the benefits of being motivated.  Here are some of my motivational reminders:

rosietheriveter_youcandoitSelf-confidence – When you choose an action you know may be difficult, you overcome the obstacles that hold you back. This gives you a sense of confidence in your life for pursuing even more.

Energetic flow – When you choose not to act when you easily could, you stop the flow of energy around it. If you come back to it at another time it may be more onerous or time-consuming to complete. When you chose to act on your intentions, you create an energetic balance with your actions.

Personal growth – When you motivate yourself to act, you will grow in your abilities and knowledge. You can choose to have the awareness to see the lessons arising from your efforts and grow with them.

The human experience is not limited to finding and maintaining status-quo. It is about realizing new experiences, facing challenges, and pushing limits.

Our greatest potential lives in our deepest sense of truth, use it. Tweet this!

So, what are you waiting for? What motivates you?

Please share your comments and experiences about motivation.

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You can do it!
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