Finding a New Rhythm

After a month in, with this shift in homebound living, I’m slowly finding a rhythm. In some ways I’m grateful for this time, how about you?

While at the beginning of this journey, I noticed myself wanting to keep status quo, to stay productive and in my normal flow. I felt some resistance in allowing this usual flow to unwind, but I’m proud of myself for learning to surrender.

That said, I am grateful that I’ve still been able to connect with some of my yoga students with online yoga and have been doing some coaching via phone and internet. But my days are certainly not as busy or “full” as they used to be.

Instead, I’m tapping into fullness in a new way. As some of my clients have reflected as well, it’s a time for looking within for fullness, instead of outside ourselves.

While some friends who have young ones at home are certainly full in their own ways, I’m seeing so much connection within their days and such joy in their pictures for this precious time together (though I’m sure there are difficult moments, it’s time we’ll never get back, so I say use it as best we can). I’ve been grateful to have my step-children here for the last 3 weeks. While connecting with teenagers is sometimes more challenging, as they’re in their own self-explorative years, I keep looking for opportunities and soaking up the time whenever they’re open to it.

I had one client say she’s so grateful for this time to just be herself. She’s noticing how she’s doing more for herself, choosing what she wants to do, without the influence of others opinions or judgments, releasing the need to look to others for guidance or pleasing others with her actions, and instead tuning more into her own needs.

I relate with this, in that I’m treasuring this time to reflect, to sit with my self and my thoughts, to notice what’s important and what I want for me. Are you?

It’s joyful to find my way to my mat in different ways and times of day; walking in the woods mid afternoon; slowing down in the evenings and choosing to read more, or sitting in my office looking out at the water and journalling. I’m allowing myself to choose differently, and try new things. I even made biscuits from scratch the other day, something I’ve wanted to do for years, and it only took me 30 mins! Who knew? I’ve been exploring more in the kitchen, as I hold a little Home Ec class each week for my step-daughter, we’ve made Nova Scotia oat cakes and cinnamon buns. I even cut her hair and barbered my husbands beard!

There are sweet opportunities to be had during this “great pause”, to notice our needs, reassess what’s most important to us, to release old expectations, and shift into new possibilities and ways of being.

Here are a few ways I invite you to explore…

Live based on your own expectations and realize your choice – Release the judgement of what you think you’re supposed to do and start playing with what you want to do.

Let go of old patterns of behaviour that are outdated – What are you still doing today that really doesn’t serve you any more? Be honest, this is a great time for self-exploration.

Observe where you’re habitually putting your attention – What is your routine each day? When are you doing things out of habit rather than choice? Break the habits and be more mindful of your attention and actions.

Choose today for what tomorrow can bring – When we eventually shift back into the world together, consider you want to have created already to support you on the other side.

All in all…
Absorb each moment, release the expectations you’ve been fighting to uphold, and discover new pathways to what your soul is guiding you toward.

In addition, to help you, I invite you to check out a new self-guided workbook I put together for reassessing and reseting your life in ways that feels nourishing, to lead you on your path for new life fulfillment.

May we all take this time to plant new seeds for growth and happiness.

with gratitude,


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