Grounded in Possibility

Grounded-in-Possibilities“Plant your feet firmly and let your heart have wings.”

A few years ago I found this beautiful saying on a piece of stone art. It has since sat on my counter so I can receive it’s beautiful message everyday. It has encouraged me through many challenges and new beginnings.

Around the time I bought it, I was embracing some new self-awareness and opportunities. I was riveted by its statement of being grounded and opening to life’s possibilities. Yet over the years, it has given me different messages with its simple words. Here are some of the powerful whispers it offered.

When these words found their way into my life, I had been focusing on my self for about 4 years by seeking personal changes to fall in love with myself again. I had been single for some time and wanted to enter my next long-term relationship knowing who I was, as to not lose myself, and with the intention of finding someone who would compliment me, not complete me. I wanted to create a life together that was even better than we could create on our own.

I planted my feet in my values, my truth, and let my heart have wings to find someone to love, for who they are, and to love me, for who I am.

I was also preparing to take an exciting step into something I loved, by enrolling in yoga teacher training. Yoga had become a constant passion in my life, for how it connected me to my true self. My intention was to embrace those experiences in my life that made me feel whole and grow with them.

I planted my feet in what brought me peace and joy and let my heart fly courageously into expansion and growth.

When I decided it was time to leave my career at the bank, I was not sure where I was going, all I knew was it was time. I trusted that the doors I needed to open would. I was in the middle of my yoga training and longing for a deeper experience in my studies. I was inspired by how yoga was changing me and knew I had more to offer, I only needed to give my self the chance.

I planted my feet in trusting myself and let my heart lift me into new possibilities.

Barely out of the bank, my intuition said my next step was to become a life coach. I was curious about how I could make a difference in people’s lives, knowing my life experiences, challenges, and growth had made such a difference in mine. I took the opportunity to learn more by digging my feet into numerous tele-calls, webinars, and articles. I remember finding the course I would enrol in. That day my heart was soaring in the clouds of happiness and opportunity, while I stood firmly in what was most important to me in this decision.

I planted my feet in my deepest longings and let my heart lead me to the path that connected the essence of my truth and potential.

By now, I had moved across Canada to Nova Scotia from Alberta. I was revelling in the beauty of this new place I called home. I noticed my yearning for new relationships and my eagerness to ingrain myself into my new community. I wanted to grow roots into the soil of my home and connect with the people I would support and who would support me.

I planted my feet in the soil of Seabright reaching deep into the enriched land and let my heart soar over the bay and inland to create connections of trust, joy, and community.

Now here I stand today, feeling the firmness of the ground under my feet, standing tall in who I am, knowing my heart will continue to soar with the clouds bringing me unlimited opportunities, further expansion, and clarity at each juncture. I am grateful for my continued awareness of being grounded in my truth, my needs and desires, while opening myself creatively to the possibilities that life presents.

If you could plant your feet and allow your heart to have wings, how would you stand and where would your heart lead you?

Take a moment to stand with your firmly feet on the floor, close your eyes, and feel your heart. What is it whispering to you today?

Love and light,

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