Growth from the Edges

Your center, or your true self, which speaks through the inner guide of your gut instincts or your heart’s intuition is always there even when life seems to pull you away from it.

Many of us are focused on finding our center, staying in alignment with our truth, and doing everything possible to not wavering from this place. Then when we do fall away from it, we beat our selves up mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically with shame, guilt, sadness or harm.

There have been many times in my life when I have felt myself waver away from this centered and peaceful place in my being. I have felt angry, confused, scared and at times almost entirely out of touch with my self. But today I know that was okay.


Because I am human and in finding my way back to my true self, I grew.

Growth in EdgesWe need to experience the extreme edges of our beings, those places that hold vast wisdom to then determine what works for us and what does not. We can discern through our heart, our gut, and our strongest place of inner intuition, exactly what we need, and then shift.

When we pay attention to those difficult moments and wise feelings, we receive the opportunity of personal growth. We can notice what need is not being met through our actions, and begin to make choices that will bring us back into alignment with our center.

Our center is our peaceful home, but our growth is found in the edges, on our way back to our center. Tweet this!

Next time you feel off, try not to fret or cause yourself harm, notice what you need and allow your inner guide to bring you back home.

What is your experience with being out of alignment with your center? Please share your experience.

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Appreciate your edges.

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