How to Not Lose Yourself on Vacation

Do you ever feel like you lose yourself and your personal routines and practices when summer comes or you go on vacation? You may just let loose into the adventure and spontaneity, or the fall into flow of life in an irregular way.

Summer time or vacations can leave you feeling disconnected from your true self, when you don’t take the time to connect or fall into unhealthy behaviours.

For myself, this disconnected feeling has occurred by eating abnormal food when away from home, consuming more alcohol than I normally would, and completely losing track of my yoga/meditation practice.

Yet other times, I’ve been able to embrace the opportunity to deepen and explore with my daily routines, and actually heightened my self-connection.

Let’s explore where disconnection might occur…

Perhaps you are vegetarian and often throw your eating patterns out the window when exploring new cultures. Though this is delightful to embrace other ways of living, it can leave your digestion in uncomfortable disarray.

Or when summer hits and temperatures rise, how much more often are you enticed to have some cold alcoholic beverages? Socializing and summer events can leave us with more morning recoveries then we may normally experience.

How about daily journaling, yoga, and meditation? Will you take the time to meditate when on your family vacation this summer? How about taking time to hear your inner voice in your journal?


How can you set the intention to stay connected to your true self and your soulful practices while embracing the spontaneous adventures of summer vacations?


Get clear on what you want to experience

When you take time to notice what you want to experience, it is much easier to follow through. How do you want to feel as you move through your summer or vacation days? What personal experiences do you want to honour?
Often on vacation, I have set the intention to get up and watch the sun rise (even if it means I go back to bed after). I do this because I want to feel in rhythm with the sun, where ever I am, and listening to nature in the peace and quiet of the morning is so blissful.

Bring your daily routine/practice to your day

Without over whelming yourself, perhaps you take only one or two of your daily practices into your vacation days, or maybe you alter when then occur in your day? But notice what supports your personal connection the most and bring that into you daily routine.
Perhaps you will carry a journal and take time to write about your experiences, or maybe you will have more time to take long walks and explore, or sit and reflect. Notice ways that you can connect with yourself and care for yourself, with supportive and nurturing daily practices.

Open up to new possibilities in your day

Vacation and time off your regular routine can invite in new possibilities of adventure and exploration. Try a new activity or do something different to expand your awareness and grow. Vacations can also be a perfect time to play with new practices and routines to set new patterns of being.
Maybe you’re not usually a morning person, but you truly want to experience this time of day, but often feel too tired. When your on vacation you can create new habits, then bring them back into your day-to-day. Or perhaps trying a new activity like hiking or kayaking would expand your horizons and delight in life? Take time to consider all of the possibilities.

Receive each moment with your heart

Soaking up the experiences with your heart and mind. Slow down or stop and just be. Vacations and time off the daily grind can rejuvenate you, when you slow down. It’s never fun to feel like you need a vacation after your vacation, so stop and receive. Open up your mind to receive the simple beauty in your world, your surroundings, and your family and friends. Observe the essence of life around you and notice how you feel in your heart. Be present.

Set intentions and follow through

Be clear and follow through on your intentions to connect with yourself and the new experiences. Be open to the flow of your vacation, but come back to the intentions you set. Notice if you feel yourself falling off and reset, tune-up the intention if needed, but try not to just drop it. You will feel more soul-aligned when you do.

Explore these ideas and see how you feel during and after your summer vacation. Be mindful of how your feeling and what you need and make the most of your vacation times! Stay connected to your self.

Do you have any tips or practices that support you when on vacation? I’d love to hear from you! Pop me a note or comment on the blog.

And let me know how these ideas support you on your summer vacations or any time of year!

Wishing you a soul-full-filled and full of intention vacation!
Love and light,

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