Is that butterflies, or hunger pains?

Do you ever notice sensations in your body like tingling, pain, or tightness? These sensations are the wisdom of your body trying to send signals to your brain. Somehow the body signals can be missed by the confusion, distraction or avoidance our mind creates over our body.

ButterflyJust as our mind is full of wisdom, so is our body. There are subtle reactions our body will give us in many situations. Here are a few simple ones that you may have noticed before:

* heavy eyes – maybe you’re tired or your eyes need a break from the computer screen
* deep sigh – maybe your relieved or becoming full from eating
* tight shoulders – maybe you need to relax or let go of something you are holding emotionally
* butterflies in the stomach – you may be excited or fearful about something
* light or heavy breathing – there are so many possibilities to this signal!

Our body is offering us its wisdom all the time. But are we paying attention? Are we giving it an opportunity to share and offer a path or solution to what we need? When the body offers it’s wisdom, there needs to be a conscious reflection in the mind to actually transport it into movement. If we allow the mind to simply ignore the body’s wisdom, we only stay connected to what the mind needs or wants. How often does that work out 100% in our the favour of our wholeness?

Does your mind ever lead you down a path where afterward your body is saying, why did you do that to me? Yes, me to. So, when that deep sigh comes during a meal, do you notice it? Or do you eat until your mind is satisfied? How about those butterflies, what do they really want for you? Is it that you are scared? Or maybe they are offering you belly full of courage. Maybe you are working diligently at your desk and your shoulders are becoming more and more tight. Your mind needs to finish the task, but your body needs you to get up and walk around for a few minutes to release some tension.

So how do we connect our mind and body so that they can move forward with our true intentions? We first need to become aware of our body’s sensations and signals. Then we also need to consciously pay attention to our thoughts. When our body sends us signals, we need to bring our thoughts and attention into that place. Notice what’s happening, notice our breath, and ask, “What does my body need now?”. Then allow the mind and body together to determine what is needed next.

In everything we do, our body is involved, through benefit or resistance. All it takes is some awareness of its signals and connection to the mind to create movement into what our whole self needs.

Today, take notice of what your body is saying to you. Allow your mind to become present to those sensations. Notice what is possible from here.

Please share your experiences with body-mind awareness!

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