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“Life isn’t easy” is the old saying, but it does not have to be hard either. It is all in how you perceive it. Are you taking your challenges to heart holding yourself back or sparking your curiosity to fuel your heart towards your most meaningful self?

The struggles we face throughout our lives are not there to cause us harm, they are there to help us grow into an even more magnificent version of ourselves.

Yet we meet new challenges all the time. Sometimes they can feel like we are stuck in quicksand with no chance of recovering. Other times the challenge can feel like a light ocean breeze, with little effort we overcome it. How can there be such a difference?

If your challenges seem easily confronted and overcome, they are simply in alignment with your truth and your values. You know what you want, how to handle them, and can easily do so.

When you come face to face with a challenge, and all you find is resistance, you are given an opportunity. This is your moment to ensure the efforts you are taking are aligned with your values and will help you achieve your own personal greatness. However, it is possible the resistance is showing up to offer a message of new understanding or reveal a possibility that has not been previously considered.

Recognizing the resistance in challenges we face and checking in with ourselves is how we can learn to grow through them. Here is one way you can do this.

First take a moment to notice how you feel and what thoughts are present in the challenging situation. Do you feel good about it or are there any negative feelings showing up? What thoughts are you hearing? Take note of these.

Live to learnThen ask yourself, what is most important in this situation. Are your actions in alignment with your core values?

If your values are being compromised or are not even present in this situation, the resistance is trying to tell you an important message about your actions. You likely need to reconsider your efforts.

If your values are fully recognized and in alignment, and you still notice resistance, check what the resistance really looks like.

What do you believe about this situation? There could be an old belief that needs to be understood and transformed to serve you now in your current situation.

When you can bring awareness to beliefs that hold you back, and learn to work with them, you will notice thoughts and feelings begin to shift. Those that felt negative or unwanted will transform.

A few common beliefs I encounter, in my coaching practice and in myself, that we allow to hold us back are self-doubt, fear of failure and un-worthiness. They usually stem from something that occurred years ago that were meant to protect us, but today they are not needed in the same way. Overcoming resistance is recognizing that these beliefs can shift and change. They are not set in stone. You only need to bring them into your awareness and begin to work with them to create new positive and self-confident beliefs.

When you are in alignment with your values, bringing awareness to what you resist through your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs reveals the growth towards your dreams.

Resistance is the lesson. Overcoming the resistance is the moment of growth. Tweet this!

Life is an evolution of learning, it never stops. It is part of our nature and the more we work with this, the easier life becomes. Plus you get to live your truth!

What lessons have you grown with the most in your life? What resistance are you dealing with?

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It’s spring, plant your new seeds of growth and see what is revealed!

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  1. Excellent job Brenda! Very well written. It’s very valuable information not only for myself at this point in my life but its amazing information to share with our kids.

  2. Thought filled as always. This article makes me feel confident in my life choices, and also adds a mirror of reflection as to where I am holding myself back.

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