Love, the Unconditional Way

February, the month with messages of love, offers a reminder that there is a deep desire within us to feel connection and love in our lives.

Feeling love is part of our innate human experience and one that we all deserve to have. The challenging part I’ve discovered over the years is removing the layers of conditions around this sacred experience to truly feel it. Perhaps you can relate?

Our desire to give and receive love is often sought after by external experiences and solutions to try to get it. But what we truly need to bring our attention to is on the inside. We need to notice when there are conditions placed around that love for first ourselves, then for those around us.

What do I mean by conditions? Perhaps you have had an experience where you feel, “only if ‘x’ happens will I be willing to give love to that person”, or, “only when I do ‘y’ will I be loved”. These are conditions, when we only expect to give or receive love when certain conditions are met.

There are many ways for us to work with removing those conditions and connect to the unconditional love that resides naturally within us. The important thing is that you find what feels safe and best for you.

Personally, in the past, I had layers of conditions surrounding my heart and love. So many that the decisions I made trying to fulfill my need for love often led me astray. I felt like there was a wall around my heart. Over the years I have worked with therapists, shamans, energy healers, and coaches, each offering me new awareness and healing experiences to peel back the layers around my unconditional love. I have also discovered shifts in my feeling of self-love though yoga, dance, meditation, and other activities that get me closer to my true self.


I’ve discovered the easiest way into unconditional love is through self-acceptance and authenticity. When we can love ourselves for who we truly are, the conditions begin to fall away. We come home to our true self.

Then we can share our love with others, as we let go of the conditions we place on them as well, welcoming their authentic self to shine.

Today I feel more connected to my unconditional love. I can feel it in my soul. It takes an ongoing effort to notice when I let old conditional patterns slip in or identify a new one, but with compassion and self-acceptance, I can let them go and get back into the true feeling of love.

Every single person, animal, and plant deserves to feel unconditional love. What will you do today to welcome this love into your life?

I would LOVE to hear from you. Be authentic, be honest, and be true to you.

With Love,

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