Open to Silence?

A few years ago, a friend of mine who is also coach, was doing a Body Bliss workshop over a few weeks. It was an introspective and goal setting journey.

As part of the journey, she requested we try an attention activity and offered ideas about bringing mindful awareness into our day. The next day, I took my earphones out of my ears as I walked to and from work, and turned off the TV while I ate. At first, it seemed somewhat empty, but as I continued I began to open to a deeper experience of my self.

Open to SilenceI heard the birds, traffic, wind, and people around me, instead of the music I used to distract me from the outside world. I felt more connected to the world around me.

The taste of food enhanced and meals transformed. In addition to turning off the tv, I focused on chewing my food 20 times before swallowing. I created a ritual around my meals by lighting a candle in the evening and enjoying my company.

The world around me became more vibrant and alive. Over just a few weeks, my senses continued to heighten. In turn, I felt more vibrant and alive.

As I opened to these experiences by removing distractions, I could hear more clearly what I was saying to myself. Thoughts previously drowned out by music and tv became my focal point. I noticed how my thoughts were impacting my experiences.

Detaching from distraction, opens your awareness to a presence experience. Tweet this!

Looking back on these experiences, I can see the long-term influence. I notice when my thoughts try holding me back out of fear of failure. Becoming mindful of my needs, I choose which challenges to pursue. As well, I am more in touch with my emotions, as I no longer hide my feelings with distractions. This self-realization transformed me in many ways. The mindful activities were the beginning of new self-awareness. I could observe myself and notice my thoughts, which together propelled me into a welcomed journey of creating a life of presence and meaning.

Are you open to receiving through silence? Believe me, there is much more than just silence. There is presence and self-awareness.

Try it and come share your experiences!

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Receive the sounds of silence in your heart.

much love,

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