Come Back To Your Truth

Life is overwhelming when you feel trapped in a situation and it leaves you feeling depleted. When we allow this feeling to take over, we get stuck, but when we take mindful actions, we come back to our truth with a feeling of fulfillment.

Recently, I experienced a couple of friends going through this and it reminded me of times I also felt this way. I recall thoughts of uncertainty about my future, confusion of why I was in the situation, and fear of how to get out of it.

How can you move through these uncomfortable experiences?

Awareness and action will lead you back to your truth.
Here are some ways to help:

Be aware of your thoughts – Observe what you are telling your self about the situation. Notice what thoughts are showing up and what feeling they leave you with.
Ask someone to listen without judgement or a need to ‘fix’ you – Speaking your thoughts and needs while being heard by empathetic ears, without judgement, is powerful to feeling acknowledged.
Notice where you put your attention and energy – If you focus on the issue, the issue will focus on you. Acceptance of the situation and choosing to take action in accordance with your true intentions can break the cycle.
Get in touch with your self-love – You are worthy of getting through the ordeal and trust you will.

Light in dark spotsWhen we are challenged to overcome something in life, we are often thrown off our centre, away from our truth. When we realize this, tap into our personal truth, and take action, we regain our inner strength, accept our circumstances, and trust our self to persevere.

Life is a wave of ups and downs, but with attention and action, we can find our way back to our true self. Tweet this!

What challenge have you been faced with recently? Have you found your truth in the matter or do you need to check in?

Please share your thoughts or experiences.

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Trust your self, Love your self.

xo, Brenda

Truth without Shame

Who you are on the inside? Do you show that person to the world?

This week, I listened to a recent speech by Monica Lewinsky. She spoke courageously about the effects of public humiliation, damage to reputation, and the consequences of shame.

Monica is speaking out about her personal experience in 1998 when she fell in love with the US President at the age of 22. She spoke of how the media’s representation of her lacked integrity. Through the media’s representation, the public judged her without knowing her. This deeply affected her sense of self and took years to overcome.

The effects of public humiliation are found in many facets today, not limited to celebrities being effected daily and children being bullied in schools and online.

The consequences she spoke of are dire, where children and youth are taking their lives as they are literally humiliated to death.

Attitudes and actions towards one another are in need of compassion and reflection, as a whole society, all ages, races, ethnicities, gender, etc.

Our society lacks empathy for one another in this social media age. The Internet gives immediate access to the world with no boundaries or limits. We are often encouraged to hold the perspective of media or the expectation of society, without question.

I believe in Monica’s message about shame and humiliation, and the changes needed in our society. I also heard another important message from her:

“Being publicly separated from your truth is one of the classic triggers of anxieties, depression, and self loathing. The greater the distance between the ‘you’ people want you to be and the ‘you’ you actually are, the greater will be your anxiety, depression, sense of failure, and shame.”
Courage to BeOften, the perception of who we are to others can differ from our own perception of who we are, even without media or bullies. The effects are not limited to depression, stress, and shame.  I also see the effects as: lacking meaning in life; unclear decision-making; and resentment towards others. The negative impacts grow with the separation we are building between: who society thinks we are; who we think society wants us to be; and who we really are.

Regularly I ask, “What would life be like if everyone could truly be the person they are on the inside, without worrying about the perceptions or judgements of others? Would we be satisfied in life, become healthier beings, and be accepting of others?”

Trusting our sense of self is valuable, it’s the most precious currency we own. Tweet This!

When we give into the perceptions of others and allow them to impact our choices, we give away our precious currency, our sense of self.

Will you do this? The next time you notice yourself making a decision based on someone else’s perspective of who you are, take a stand for yourself. There is no shame in being YOU.

Thank you for taking your time to read this article today. If you would like to listen to the speech made by Monica Lewinsky, you can see it here.

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Be True to Yourself.


Find Your Motivation

Tools and apps are readily available help us get things done, so why do we still find it hard to get motivated?

We all possess an inner drive, ready to help us fulfill our potential every day. When we use it, we take leaps and bounds in our intentions and actions. When we do not, we stay where we are or backtrack.

We often allow the voice preferring to stay in the safety of status-quo to overpower the voice longing for us to live to our highest potential.

It is easier to wait and do it later; someday, perhaps “when I’m ready”.

We feel perfection is needed in order to take action. Yet, we will not realize how ready we are unless we take action. We will only know we can swim by jumping into the water. The fear of perfection prevents us from understanding our potential.

In my life, I cycle through motivated states to unmotivated states. I know you can relate. There are a few concepts I use to help me remember the benefits of being motivated.  Here are some of my motivational reminders:

rosietheriveter_youcandoitSelf-confidence – When you choose an action you know may be difficult, you overcome the obstacles that hold you back. This gives you a sense of confidence in your life for pursuing even more.

Energetic flow – When you choose not to act when you easily could, you stop the flow of energy around it. If you come back to it at another time it may be more onerous or time-consuming to complete. When you chose to act on your intentions, you create an energetic balance with your actions.

Personal growth – When you motivate yourself to act, you will grow in your abilities and knowledge. You can choose to have the awareness to see the lessons arising from your efforts and grow with them.

The human experience is not limited to finding and maintaining status-quo. It is about realizing new experiences, facing challenges, and pushing limits.

Our greatest potential lives in our deepest sense of truth, use it. Tweet this!

So, what are you waiting for? What motivates you?

Please share your comments and experiences about motivation.

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You can do it!
(ps, that picture is one of my all time favourites!)


Thirst for Learning

Learning has become vast with many areas of focus, how can we ever learn it all? Why do we think we need to?

Lately, I have noticed a few things in my desire to learn. I am constantly drawn to new books. Articles on Facebook are continually grabbing my attention. I have a real thirst for learning.

Do you notice yourself pulled into articles on Facebook or other media sources? Is there something  you want to learn or are you afraid you may miss something you should know?

love of readingIn my desire to learn, I am reading so many articles and books that I find myself wondering what meaning they actually offer. I often notice two things: How much of my time did I use? Was it time well spent?

Today, I am creating a plan of action to help me use my time well and determine where to put my attention. I am choosing:

1. Awareness of my actions. When I pick up my phone or computer and notice I go straight into Facebook out of habit, choosing instead to stop and proceed with my intended action. This will help use my time wisely.

2. Continuous focus. I now use the Do Not Disturb function on my phone and computer when I want to stay focused and not be distracted. This will honour my time and intention.

3. Clear intentions. I will honour my intention to learn something specific for my own personal growth or give myself time to explore what other knowledge attracts me. This is about growing with my purpose.

4. Attention in my experiences. When I choose to do something, I want to notice what feels good and what does not. This will help me determine my best areas of focus.

If we are present in our learning, we will grow toward our purpose. Tweet this!

Does your experience feel similar to mine? What do you notice when you are present to what you are learning? Please share your experiences in the comments.

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Find passion in your learning.

with love,

Truth Found in Friendship

Friendships help us reveal our truth through each experience.

Friendships come in many forms. For instance, we have family as friends, our childhood friends, college/university friends, work friends, our extended circles of friends, best friends,  and pet friends. Each relationship offers incredible value in our lives.

Friendships can come and go. Some are short experiences, while others span years. Some bonds in friendship seem timeless, where you can pick up again anytime, no matter what has changed in your lives. But you can find one thing in all, revelation of your values.

The point is, friendships always leave us with experiences and these experiences become part of our personal growth. As we grow, we can clearly identify with what is important to us, our values and our truth.

holding-hands6Here are some of my values I have identified through friendships:

Patience and compassion as we learn about each other.
Respect as we create boundaries around each others needs.
Acceptance, even with disagreement.
Forgiveness despite any hurt, whether intended or not.
Support for each other through growth and challenges.
Peace as the relationship finds  balance.
Love in the entire connection.

Friendships help reveal our values so we can learn to live our truth. Tweet this.

Recently, I lost one of my best friends, Budz the cat. He was a constant being of love in my life for the last 7 years. As I reflect back on our 7 years together, I see how our friendship helped me grow and how I learned what I truly valued through it. I also see how Budz grew and reflected many of these values back to me. I can see the divine plan of our journey together. Although his exit is still hard to feel, as I reflect on our friendship, his purpose here was served well. The memories of our experiences together will be treasured in my heart and soul, while the truths revealed will remain part of who I am.

So, I will leave you with this. Treasure your friendships, see the value in what they bring. No matter the length of time together, pay attention to the truth that is revealed to you from them.

What is your experience of friendships that have come and gone in your life? Do you see your truths revealed in the course of each friendship?

Please share your experiences with values and truth in friendships in the comments.

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May your friendships leave loving imprints on your soul so you can live your truth.

Many blessings friends,

What Advice Would You Give?

Welcome to Fall friends!

When the autumn arrives in September, we have had the opportunity to settle into our new routines after the fun-filled summer. For me, autumn is that time of year when we still experience the warmth of the sun during the day, yet we get to start bundling up in the evenings and slowly get ready for the darker nights of winter. It is a reflective time of year for me.

I love to see the beauty of the land that grew, blossomed, and now begins to fall back to the earth. I get to see children back in school ready to tackle another year of awesome learning. Mostly, I enjoy the experience of looking back over the year so far, reflecting on all of the experiences that have brought me to where I am today. (It’s also my birthday month, so reflection on the year is very present!)

Autumn FallingDo you ever notice when you look back on life, some things stand out that you wish you would have done differently? That said, you can’t go backward. Acceptance of where you are at right now is so important in being present in your life.

So what can you do with those thoughts of the past and how you would have done things differently?

Give loving advice to others that are walking closely behind you in similar steps. Tweet This!

It is especially kind to do this when opportunities arise or when you feel you can really offer someone support. But please remember, part of giving advice is letting go of it once you offer it. By this I mean, respecting the person you offer it to is still going chose their own path.

So I ask you, if you reflect back on this past year or another time in your life where you would have done something differently, what advice would you give others that are following in similar footsteps?

Please share the loving advice you would give the younger version of yourself in the comments section or on the my group Facebook page, so others can benefit from your experiences and lessons.

Thank you for spending your time with me today. It is a pleasure to share it with you.

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with love and gratitude,

The Gift of Time

When the needs around you change, notice when you have the opportunity to use energy you would normally apply to one place to another.

This week I was given a gift. The gift of time. My loving partner was off to work on a contract in the US, leaving me to my own convictions for the week.

As he planned his week away, I realized that I would have an opportunity to tap into my needs and wants in a very intentional way.

As a nurturer, I often find myself working to balance my care and attention for others with my own needs. However, this week I found removing the nurturer of others energy allowed me to instead apply that energy to myself.

So what did this refocus of energy give me?

I took that first day to just be, kind of settle in the space of being alone in our home. You know, taking a big ahhh…

IMG_4845The second morning, I woke up knowing what my focus was going to be. I had bought a workbook called the Solopreneur Sojourn Retreat by Jac McNeil for women entrepreneurs back in January. I hadn’t taken the time to actually get into it. So I did… And Wow, it was two days of deep diving into my needs as an entrepreneur, taking soulful time for me, and some BIG aha’s about things holding me back. I reconnected to the values of my business and why I do the work I do. Plus! I walked away with a time-lined business action plan to implement that was rooted with my soul purpose. (If you are a women entrepreneur, I highly recommend checking it out here!)

Those two days lit a fire under me that propelled me forward with inner connection to my self wisdom. So much so, that my action plan I had set for two weeks, began showing up quicker than I anticipated! Whoot! Whoot! :)

So as I sit here, Friday morning, knowing that my beloved will be back tonight, I reflect on the gift.

The next time you are given the gift of time, with minimal distractions, ask yourself, how can I use this to nurture me. I know there are a lot of nurturers out there reading this, and I want to remind you… You do your best work in serving others, when you serve yourself first.

When are you going to give yourself the gift of time? Make your commitment to yourself here and now. Shout it out to the world! Share it in the comments so you are more apt to hold your self to the commitment.

Live in balance, own your energy, and the universe will nurture you. Tweet This!

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with soulful intention,