Change brings Growth, Growth offers Change

Change and growth have an intertwined relationship. With one, the other becomes possible. What is the impact of change and growth in our lives?

Change requires something to pass in order for something else to be gained. When change shows up in our lives, it may come from an internal choice or an external circumstance. In either situation, there is a shift; a shift in action and thinking. Often a new awareness and mindset is required to fully allow the change to take its natural place. This new awareness and mindset is the foundation of growth. From this place possibility begins to form within the change process.

When we make a choice to bring change into our lives, we have an intention to see something through. We set goals. We prepare ourselves with new thinking or envisioning about what we want to create. Then we get busy with the action required to create the change. This is where we grow the most, the journey of change. It is through the process of change that we learn new knowledge and skills, and ultimately, more about ourselves.

There are however those times when change will show up in our lives without our asking or intention. Things that are far beyond our own control. Our world is full of this type of change, such as natural disasters, illness, or the loss of a loved one. When this type of change shows up in our lives, it often brings with it a need for acceptance and new thinking. This is not always easy. Often the change is difficult and may take some time to deal with on emotional and mental levels. During this time, from the outset of the change to the acceptance and next steps, life is offering us the opportunity to grow. This is when it is most important to check in with and adjust our thinking to create new pathways in our lives, to help us through the challenge of the change so we may flourish on the other side. When we embrace changes in external circumstances around us, we have the opportunity to grow and learn more about ourselves and the world around us.

As you can see, change brings with it growth, and as well, it is through growth that real change is possible. Personal growth and societal growth have a great impact to make or break change. If we try to stop the change from happening in our lives, we stop growing, we become stuck. Every day we are faced with choices and circumstances, easy and difficult. If we back away from them, we will stay in the same place and see limited possibilities in our lives. If we step toward them with courage, letting go of the fears, we will continue to grow immensely, starting with our own miraculous being and then ultimately spread to all of those around us. Isn’t that the best kind of growth? Shared growth.

We live in a vibrant and alive world that revolves through days, seasons, and years. Nothing is ever meant to stay the exactly the same. Embrace your own change, your own growth, and celebrate the change and growth you see around you.

This week I am embracing my personal growth by celebrating the completion of my Life Coach Certification. I’m ready for the wonderful possibilities this growth will provide and the all of the exciting changes that will come with it.

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