Precious Time – 3 Ways to Find It

I’ve been in their lives for just over a year now. Oh, how my partner’s children have grown and changed over that time is incredible. Time with children, whether your own or others children, is so very precious. Each day, each moment they are learning something new or gaining skills with things they continue to work on, all while we get to witness the magic of their life.

Consciously choosing to be a person in their lives that is present, cheering, hugging, encouraging, teaching, and so on is extremely meaningful for both of us. Of all of these aspects, I see one piece that is integral to the rest. Being present. When we are present we are truly witnessing, being our self, and then the rest we have to offer them can easily fall into place.

So how do we ensure we are being present?  I have been working with living mindfully for a few years and while I continue to grow into this new part-time parenting role over the last year, I have been consciously paying attention to what keeps me present, what causes my attention stray and how to practice present awareness.

Here are three ways that I find are helping me be present.

1- To start with there is this balance triangle we like to use in our house; we work towards balance between personal time, family time, and work/friends time. When there is a good balance between all sides, we find we are better able to be present with each other, everyone is happier and emotionally healthier. Personally, when I find a healthy balance in my triangle I feel my best and I am able to offer my best, presently.

2 – Then there is the importance of conscious activities. When we try to do too many things at once, something always comes up with the short end of the stick. Just like cooking something on the stove and texting at the same time are a bad mix (believe me, something usually gets burned). Teaching the younger generation this is extremely important. There are so many facets of distraction today. Can you imagine growing up in this world with no understanding of what it was like before we were bombarded with information and electronics? Slowing things down and doing things being present will not only allow us to get back to some of our root life experiences, but also teach our children to do the same.

3 – Finally, simply choosing to stop and soak up the precious time together. This past week, I put my book down when I was requested by one child to play cards, my partner has got up extra early to work so he could spend more time with the children during the day, or choosing to get out of the house and heading to the beach for an afternoon together for some quality time. When we stop, take notice of what we can do for the highest good of everyone, we offer a more complete experience to ourselves and to our precious families.Precious Time

When we bring our attention to what keeps us present and take action in our lives to ensure we work towards presence, we more easily teach and earn the presence of our children.

Staying present to our self, earns the presence of others. Tweet this!

How do you offer your most present self to those around you? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments box.

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