Releasing Old Patterns

This week, I was inspired by a conversation with a client to write about our thoughts and beliefs, how they impact us, and how we can work with them to create change in our lives.

How do our beliefs affect our lives? Our beliefs form our thoughts and our thoughts impact our feelings and actions. So, if we desire to change our actions and the way we feel, we can start by looking at where they stem from.

I’m sure you agree our beliefs are ingrained in us from many things in our lives. I see them largely impacted by what we are taught from society around us, but also, that they are formed from our personal experiences. What we experience through sight, feeling, taste, touch, and hearing leaves an imprint in our being. These imprints form memories in our mind, but also in our body.

If this experience is triggered down the road by new experiences, our old beliefs can take over. Sometimes, we begin to think a certain way and end up acting in habitual patterns, often because of what we believe to be our truth.

So how can we change these automatic responses? From my experience we can dive into the thought patterns that lay between the belief and the action or feeling.

When we hold a belief that causes a certain undesired action or feeling, we can become aware of that thought pattern that is taking us into this place that does not serve us. From here, we can learn and understand the thought pattern that is occurring and the underlying belief. It can be beneficial at this point to notice sensations in our body about this thought pattern and old belief. Pay close attention, there is a lot of wisdom that resides here.

Once we have identified the thoughts and any body sensations, ask, “What do I really need here, to serve me today, knowing what my intention is for this issue?” As you receive that new understanding, create a statement, or affirmation, that you can use, over and over, to begin to create a new thought pattern and more importantly, a new belief.

Verbal affirmations can change the thoughts in your mind and vibrate new memories in your body to change old beliefs. Tweet This!

Branch OutI used to say I was a terrible runner. However, looking back, I recall myself watching people as they ran for years. Curious how they ran so far and how they felt after. When I was in elementary, I recall not doing well with long distances, so I stuck to the short sprints as much as I could. That fear and belief about my running stuck with me until this past year when I decided to get out there and try some short runs. My body ached, but it felt good, each little bit. During a run, I began to notice my thoughts would often try to take over and I would go back into old beliefs that I needed to stop and walk. This was not want I truly wanted, I wanted to go further. So, as I ran, slowly and steadily, I decided to start saying out loud to my self, “good job Brenda… you can do it… you’re doing great!”. I began to use these affirmations when my mind started to play games with me. With these powerful words, I pushed myself farther and farther until I surpassed what I ever thought I would ever run. And now with my affirmation in my pocket, I continue to push my limits.

Using affirmations to create what you want to believe, think, do and feel in your life is powerful work. Play with them, release expectations, and branch out with the vibrations that open you to all that is possible.

Did you once believe something that you no longer do today? When that belief changed, how did it impact your life?

Please share your experiences or comments.

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