Resolve to Be

Before I talk about anything to do with the new year ahead, I want to remind you of one very important thing…

“You are enough, right now, exactly as you are.”

What do I mean by enough?

It means everything you have done right up to this moment is perfect. Your journey up to today has brought you right to where you are supposed to be. All experiences and lessons are part of your great journey in this life.

Now that you understand you are enough, you can look to how you want to grow in the coming year.

The common theme of New Years resolutions often revolves around health and wellbeing. This is awesome and is very needed, but I would like to bring in another concept in this intention setting. It is not only about what you want to do, but about how you want be.

Resolve to BeFor example, if you want to be an early riser, you will go to bed earlier. If you want to be more present, you will ignore distractions that take away your attention.

Here are a few questions to reflect on as you plan your desired way of being in the coming year. Get out a pen and journal, and take your time. Feel free to do it a few times, you may have a few ways of being you want to focus on.

1. What way of being do I want to bring attention to and mould for my highest good?

2. How will that attention impact my wellbeing?

3. What are my challenges to evolve this way of being?

4. What strengths do I have that will help me mould my attention for this way of being?

5. What is my desired outcome in moulding my way of being?

6. How will I continue to accept I am enough, if my desired outcome is not reached, or changes?

Take the important points and put them in a place you will see them often or create some affirmations or mantras to work with each day, as reminders of how you want to be.

When we focus on how we want to be, we purposefully take action on what we need to do. Tweet This!

Every year we evolve, we grow and learn. Remember to allow space for your resolutions to evolve throughout the year. Revisit these questions anytime. What you see as your best intention today, may change as you go about the year.

And remember how you grow, will also be enough.

Please share your ways of being, you may inspire others! I resolve to be courageous.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope it gave you something to reflect on as you step into 2015 and your continued journey in highest good.

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As I reflect on 2014, I am very grateful for my connection with all of you. You give me purpose in sharing these articles. Here’s to 2015, creating more connections and helping each other be our greatest self!

Inner peace and joyful love.

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