Seeking Acceptance

What is acceptance and how does it impact our lives?

As I look around at social media, pop culture and even in our communities, I see people seeking a sense of connection from the world around them. What I really notice, at the core of it all, is a need to be accepted.

But what is being accepted? Being accepted is being able to express yourself, dress the way you feel the best, hold your head up high, speak your truth from the heart, and pour your energy into work that truly sparks life into you.

What is holding us back from living our lives fully accepted? From my experience judgement is playing a big part.

Be YourselfI look back on my life and see many times I was afraid to do something in the fear that someone may judge me. I can’t even count how many times I felt sad and depleted when I didn’t follow my heart. Over time, I got into the habit of not listening to what lit me up, and more and more, I began losing touch with those parts of me that had more to offer. I followed various paths that didn’t light me up and took me into places I never thought I would be.

I realized in my early 30’s that if I continued to suffocate those truly deeper parts of me, that were slowly dwindling into the nether, that I would never truly love my self, embrace my life, or trust my decisions. As I started to make changes in my self, I found a new awareness, that it wasn’t simply the judgements of others that was holding me back, it was the judgements of my self that were holding me back.

“When we judge others we are actually bearing judgement upon our self.” Tweet this!

So, how can you let go of the judgements and feel accepted?

First, there is the self-awareness that we are all in the same boat. To keep it simple, let’s start by taking notice of this acceptance from outside of your self. How do you treat others? If and when you judge others, how does that judgement feel to you? Ask yourself, what in me is causing this judgement? Then start to take notice of when acceptance or judgements are falling on you, from your own thoughts.

Second, take some time for yourself. By this I mean, take some time, without distractions of anything that you would use to take yourself away from what you truly want and feel. Take a long walk outside or try an activity that you used to love that you haven’t tried in years. What do you notice? How do you feel about yourself? Are there any judgments that come up or can you find self-acceptance in your thoughts and actions.

Often when we start to bring awareness to these judgements, these thoughts about ourselves or others, we begin to notice areas of our lives that we want to change. New or old desires start to show up. There is fresh air and new life in being aware of our self-acceptance and acceptance of others.

There is a place for judgement to live in our lives, but from a place of acceptance and love. Judgement, if used positively can provide discernment in choice and awareness of the world around us.

How does acceptance impact you in your life? Do your own judgements hold you back? Do you get depleted in seeking acceptance from others?

Please share your comments and stories. (Remember, we are all in this together. If we can voice our stories and show our similar struggles, together we can become more accepting.)


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