Stand In Your Power

Having power is often seen as egotistical. However, we are missing an important part of our self if we continue to hold this belief. The power I am referring to here is your inner sense of power. You could consider it as piece of your self-worth.

The two ends of the personal power spectrum I notice are: we often give our power away or can become overly aggressive with our power by demanding of others. Neither of these are healthy for anyone.

Our power is used in varying degrees and for multiple purposes. Consider how power shows up in your life and impacts your self-worth. Here are some ways to notice your power so you can use it in a healthy manner.

Own it 
Take responsibility for your emotions, your thoughts, and your actions. You have a choice in everything. What ever emotions are impacting you, they are yours. They are for you to work through. No one can do this for you. It is up to you to allow the emotion to move and release. Your thoughts impact your actions, pay attention to them. We may not always be able to control our thoughts, but we can choose which ones we hold. You are the master of your temple, that means your thoughts and actions are yours to manage. Laying blame on someone else or justifying a situation gives your power away. As you learn to own your power you will notice how much control you actually have over your self-worth.

Be Assertive
When we have needs to be met, we may look to others to help meet those needs. This is not a loss of power, however laying blame on others is submissive in power and demanding of others is an overly aggressive use of power. Keeping your power and asking for your needs to be met, while allowing the other person to hold their power is not difficult, it simply takes an assertive and kind demeanour. Acknowledge what you are feeling about the situation and know what you need to ask for, then take into account the other person’s feelings. How will what you need to ask for affect them? By asking for your needs to be met with a kind and loving voice you help keep the power in balance, which also helps in having your needs met.

Do Not Steal the Power of Others
Our kind hearts can often do this without realizing. We simply wish to show appreciation. When someone offers a gift, it has become our nature to feel the need to offer a gift back. Here is an example. When someone offers you a compliment, there are two common responses, both of which steal power. You either discount their compliment, maybe saying “Oh, this old thing”, or you immediately reflect the compliment back at them. When someone offers you a gift, they are doing so in their own power. Allow them to keep it by graciously saying “thank you”.

Set Boundaries
There are numerous situations in life where we can give our power away or demand more than our share. It is up to you to begin to notice them to honour your self-worth and the self-worth of others. We must first become aware of the situations where there is a power imbalance. Then ask yourself, “how will I handle this situation the next time is shows up?”. With anything we are learning in personal growth, it can take time to carry out the new way of being, but recognizing the boundaries of your self-worth is indeed powerful.

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What are your takeaways from this article? How would a shift in power impact your life?

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