Surrendering Certainty

This month I am offering my first full day workshop, Spring Into Clarity. It is a dream that first showed up last year about this time, though it percolated, it didn’t have enough energy to come to fruition. That said, this year when its momentum arrived, its energy was much more powerful. I felt the inspiration it emerge and I was ready to fulfill the dream.

Putting together a full day event like this seems pretty standard, and having been to multiple workshops, I have to agree there is a “set path” one can work from to coordinate and organize. This is truly a relief. Framework brings a sense of ease to new pathways. So I mapped it out, made some initial decisions and, with a deep breath, put it out there. It was alive! People began registering and it filled up faster than I could have ever imagined. Wow, gratitude!

I could breathe, that part was complete and all I had to do was finish putting it all together. That was a couple of weeks ago. Then my fears showed up.

“Will it be meaningful to all the participants? What if it doesn’t meet their expectations? Will I be good enough?”

These thoughts paralyzed my creativity for a few days. I was worried and uncertain about how it would go. I could see myself falling into the depths of these thoughts, though another part of me know they weren’t true. I just couldn’t let them go.

It took me getting rattled about something in my relationship that finally took me into the depths of my despair. I cried out the fears, the anguish, the false truths that I was allowing to rule my being. My energies settled. I felt calm. The next day I woke up and could feel a shift. I checked in… I felt more in alignment. My truth was back: I could feel my confidence and empowered self. Ahhh….

I once again realized, I knew I would offer my best self, I had trust in my abilities. I connected to my purpose from my initial inspiration and I could feel my faith that the Universe had my back (as Gabby Bernstein has helped me realize). I knew that no matter what happens, it will be okay… I will be okay. There may come some lessons with this new step, and those are certainly welcomed.

My truth lies in this affirmation…Surrender-Certainty

I have faith in the Universe, and I trust myself.

That is all I can really hold on to.

When we decide to take any step, especially those with unknown outcomes, we can only truly control ourself, the rest we have no control over, we must have faith.

Show up and Be your best self, leave the rest to fate. This releases a lot of worry and stress.

What outcome are you holding on to or afraid to take action on? What if you could surrender to fate and take your first step? How do you trust in your Self to be a part of the plan?

I’d love to hear from you! How does this resonate for you in your life? Comment or please connect anytime!

Love and light,

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  1. Hi there, when are you offering this workshop? I couldn’t seem to find a date listed anywhere. Thanks, Lisa

    • Hi Lisa, Sorry it was only on my Facebook page, not my website. It sold out a while ago. It is this Saturday. If you’d like to know about future workshops, please subscribe to my newsletters. Thanks for your interest! Brenda

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