Your Most Important Relationship

The most important relationship you can focus on, is right in front of you. Relationships are a vital part of our lives. Through connection we learn and grow. We find our ability to be compassionate. We build support… Read More

Taking Care of Yourself in Changing Times

As I’ve settled into this past week of social distancing, I’ve gone through many waves of emotion, from numbness, to full-blown tears, to acceptance¬†with new intentions. You see, as the week started, I felt internal pressure to keep… Read More

Living in the Light of Moderation

After sharing last fall about my history with addiction and unhealthy behaviours, I have felt a reconnection with the part of me that had chosen that path. It’s interesting because for years I have said that I would… Read More

Finding Sanctuary

“It was in leaving that I realized my truest sanctuary is within.” I spent my final weeks of August 2018 in yogic study with a group of¬†like-minded souls at the Himalayan Institute in Pennsylvania. It was a full… Read More

Communication Is Key

At some point in my youth, I fell into a pattern of fear. Fear of speaking my truth… my feelings… my needs. I am certain now that it was in a way of coping with those challenging feelings… Read More