Your Most Important Relationship

The most important relationship you can focus on, is right in front of you. Relationships are a vital part of our lives. Through connection we learn and grow. We find our ability to be compassionate. We build support… Read More

The Blessing of Quality Time

I went back home to Alberta this past week to see my family and friends and meet my new niece. Each experience felt so amazing as I connected with long time friends and close family, and got to spend much of… Read More

The Benefit of Our Similarities and Differences

How easily do you notice your similarities and differences to the people around you? We are programmed to see patterns, our brains naturally pick them up. Yet, if we only focus on one side of the pattern we… Read More

Passion Quest

When I hear people talk about passions, often they are not sure what they are passionate about or really unsure of what that word means to them. I recall a few years ago, noticing that I really wasn’t sure… Read More

Skip, dance, cartwheel!

Playful running, skipping, hopping, jumping, cartwheels, hand stands, and all those good feelings that came with them. How can we bring those joyful feelings back into our lives today? You may not feel like you can do a… Read More