Taking Care of Yourself in Changing Times

As I’ve settled into this past week of social distancing, I’ve gone through many waves of emotion, from numbness, to full-blown tears, to acceptance with new intentions.

You see, as the week started, I felt internal pressure to keep things rolling, to figure out how to keep showing up, to make sure I was doing my part, giving however I could.

I immediately started exploring how to still support my yoga students, how to show up for the changes my life coaching clients would be experiencing, and what I would need to do to accomplish my spring goals.

Plus I was constantly trying to figure out how to manage the changes, from food, to supplies, what would be needed, would I be able to get it.

Then Wednesday morning, I took a walk with a good friend. She easily brings out the rawness within me. About 4 kms in, I was in tears. Recognizing many things about how I was feeling, and one that I want to share with you today.

It’s was hard to realize how outward focused I’ve been lately in my life. I bring myself to my mat everyday with the intention of connecting with myself, but as I broke open that day, I came face to face with the reality that I haven’t been looking as closely as I’ve needed. Focused on others, on our changing situation, on the what if’s of life, and my work… I realized that I wasn’t completely honouring my needs.

This was hard to face, as I share with others so much about why and how to do this. Thankfully, as I took the time to reflect, I knew what I needed to do. If I’m showing up for others and not taking care of myself, I’m not honouring them because I’m not honouring me.

So I decided that day, that I needed some time to slow down, tune in, and reconnect. I changed my calendar, opened space where ever I could, and settled into some time for myself… doing whatever I wanted to do for a few days and processing how I was feeling as I met all these changes, as well as facing some feelings I had been ignoring.

In a way I feel lucky, I have the time and space to be able to do this. I put down my todo list, because really, where was I going? I realized the schedule I had been holding myself to was no longer really valid.

I know this time may not be as available for many of you, especially those with children or those still showing up to their work, but if you can find even a few moments a day to tune-in and recognize how you’re feeling in these changes, you will find more trust, well-being, and inner strength to see this whole thing through.

So, I’m curious, as you’ve taken in this past week of change in our lives, social distancing, working from home, not working at all, or facing work when everything looks so different… how are you connecting with how you feel?

Honour what’s there, whether it’s frustration, anger, confusion, fear, anxiety… allow it, feel it, and it will move.

Each time I’ve found myself processing what I’m feeling, (that means crying, moving the anger, sitting with the fear) I come out the other side lighter and better able to address what I need.

Taking the time to tune into how you’re feeling is so important. If you avoid, neglect, or invalidate your feelings, they will get stuck and cause you more harm in the long run.

There’s no right or wrong way here to address your feelings, as long as you are keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. Find a quiet space.. the bathroom works great… and the sound of running the water is a natural healer.

We can’t avoid the situation we are in. We must take it seriously, so we can come through the other side with less death and illness.

So now is the time to settle into true acceptance, not only in your mind, but also in your body.

Our best force of vitality to meet this pandemic, is to be well in mind, body, and spirit.

Here are a few tips to focus on your whole self and support you along the way:

  • Physically – move your body in some way everyday, eat nourishing food, hydrate often, spend time in nature, and get good sleep or lay down for 15-20 minutes mid-day listening to some soft music or a relaxation
  • Mentally – take time to meditate, find quiet and stillness, put down your electronics more often, engage with your loved ones, lighten your mental load by removing what doesn’t matter right now, reflect on what’s truly important to you
  • Emotionally – observe what feelings are moving through you, pay attention to the sensations in your body, be curious and open, allow whatever is there to be there, trust yourself, and listen to your needs
  • Spiritually – take time to pause, to Be, pray or just tune into the feelings of trust, surrender, and hope, accept that things will unfold, much out of your control, so hand over the reins

I feel this situation we are in is offering us time, time to slow down, awaken to ourselves in a deeper way. Use this time to learn about yourself, cocoon in a sense, to reconnect with what’s truly important to you, so as we come out the other side of this, you can show up more aligned and in tune with you.

And if you need guidance or support, please reach out, you are not alone in this.

Connect with those who support you in your life or connect with me.

All of my offerings have been moved online, as I reset with the changing times, and I create new space for me… and you

Take good care of yourself,
🙏🏻 Brenda

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