The Gift of Time

When the needs around you change, notice when you have the opportunity to use energy you would normally apply to one place to another.

This week I was given a gift. The gift of time. My loving partner was off to work on a contract in the US, leaving me to my own convictions for the week.

As he planned his week away, I realized that I would have an opportunity to tap into my needs and wants in a very intentional way.

As a nurturer, I often find myself working to balance my care and attention for others with my own needs. However, this week I found removing the nurturer of others energy allowed me to instead apply that energy to myself.

So what did this refocus of energy give me?

I took that first day to just be, kind of settle in the space of being alone in our home. You know, taking a big ahhh…

IMG_4845The second morning, I woke up knowing what my focus was going to be. I had bought a workbook called the Solopreneur Sojourn Retreat by Jac McNeil for women entrepreneurs back in January. I hadn’t taken the time to actually get into it. So I did… And Wow, it was two days of deep diving into my needs as an entrepreneur, taking soulful time for me, and some BIG aha’s about things holding me back. I reconnected to the values of my business and why I do the work I do. Plus! I walked away with a time-lined business action plan to implement that was rooted with my soul purpose. (If you are a women entrepreneur, I highly recommend checking it out here!)

Those two days lit a fire under me that propelled me forward with inner connection to my self wisdom. So much so, that my action plan I had set for two weeks, began showing up quicker than I anticipated! Whoot! Whoot! 🙂

So as I sit here, Friday morning, knowing that my beloved will be back tonight, I reflect on the gift.

The next time you are given the gift of time, with minimal distractions, ask yourself, how can I use this to nurture me. I know there are a lot of nurturers out there reading this, and I want to remind you… You do your best work in serving others, when you serve yourself first.

When are you going to give yourself the gift of time? Make your commitment to yourself here and now. Shout it out to the world! Share it in the comments so you are more apt to hold your self to the commitment.

Live in balance, own your energy, and the universe will nurture you. Tweet This!

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with soulful intention,

3 Comments on “The Gift of Time

  1. You re always so inspiring Brenda. Thanks for sharing and I m really happy for your rediscovery of self nurturing

  2. You re always so inspiring Brenda. Thanks for sharing and I m really happy for your rediscovery of self nurturing

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