The Power of Self-Acceptance

Last month I lost a valuable teacher and transformative healer in my life. He helped me come to know myself even better over the past few years. He taught me the value of accepting myself, as I am, and all aspects of me that contribute to my wholeness.

He helped me learn to truly check-in with myself, to listen to my needs, accept what drives me, and notice what’s longing to emerge.

I’ve learned to accept the young girl who went down the path of addiction simply because she wanted to feel loved and belong. I’ve learned to accept the part of me that feels most valued when she feels proud and validated. I’ve learned to accept the part of me that is feels following through adds honour, and I can be true to that integrity. I’ve learned to accept the part of me that wants to feel free and creative, to nurture the lives of others and make an impact in the world.

Mostly, I’ve learned that when we don’t accept all parts of ourselves, and instead judge and condemn ourselves, it leads to more harm than help.

There’s always a purpose to our actions. We are trying to serve some inner need. Finding clarity about this will serve you in taking supportive and meaningful action in your life.

I pay homage to him for amplifying my self-awareness, not only for how this will continue to serve me, but also for how I’ve noticed it has enhanced by ability to observe my clients underlying needs to serve them.

As I’ve seen the power of acceptance transform my life and the lives of my clients, it solidifies to me how we need to access and allow what’s alive in us in the present moment to meet our needs.

It all starts with an intention of allowing what is to be there and leaning into acceptance of whatever shows up, while approaching yourself with a mindset of non-judgment and compassion.

Gaining access to this wisdom and awareness comes through observing your thoughts, feelings, and body wisdom in the present moment, whether meditating, taking some time alone, or even when interacting with others. As you allow space for this awareness, you learn to honour your feelings and needs as they are now. You come to realize your current truth of how the past still lives in you or how your future self is longing to emerge. This gives you the awareness to make purposeful choices each day in your life.

Your actions begin to reflect a new light. You’ll feel more accepting of yourself, which leads to self-love, compassion, and actions that align with your whole self.

This power of acceptance becomes reflected in the world around you. There are new feelings of ease and happiness that arise and you’re able to approach life with more awareness, trust, and confidence.

How could this gift of self-acceptance influence your life, to help you love yourself fully and take the steps you long to take?

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In service,

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