The Road Less Traveled

What does it mean to walk the path less traveled? It means that you have to take some risks. It’s not simply following in someone else’s foot steps to get where you want to go. So, what is the benefit? Why take risks? In walking the path less traveled there is potential for growth through new ideas, adventure, and personal intentions.Prospect Path

If we take a path that has been carved out before us, we are not required to think and process how we will get to our destination. We may see a goal off in the distance. When we know that others have followed a path to get there, there is some certainty implied that we will get to the specific result.

When we allow ourselves to follow our instincts and carve a new path, there is some potential of not realizing, or even knowing, the result. What does this offer us? First, we get to listen to our own intuition about where to go next. Second, we can be agile and adjust the path as needed. Third, we get to be in the adventure of uncovering what is at the end of the path.

Creativity is unleashed when we carve our own path. – Tweet This!

For instance, the other day my partner and I were out working on our land, starting our clean up of the great amounts of dead wood that has fallen. As we recently moved into our new home, I have not had the opportunity to explore it much. I ended up over by the north property line. Randomly, I decided to follow the property line and see what the land looked like way in the dead wood. As I climbed up over the dead trees, under branches, along a deer path here and there, I thought about this human-untouched land. There was so much beauty in the natural-scape. I was creating my path on our land to see it from a different view. When I got to the edge point of the land, the gift was revealed, a new view of our land. When I had set out on this mini adventure, I did not know why I was exploring, other than my intuitive curiosity lead me. However, when I got to that point I knew, I needed to get right in the dead wood and be with the land. It became even more home to me in that moment.

There are times when there is a specific path we must take to get to a certain goal or destination. Maybe there is only one road that will lead us there. When you find your self on this road, I suggest a couple of things; slow down, take it all in, stay present to the journey, and don’t be afraid to suggest other possibilities to get to the goal.

The next time you see an opportunity to take the road less traveled, I suggest you explore it! You never know what you will receive from it!

What are your experiences with taking the road less traveled? Have you purposely chosen to or somehow ended up there?

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