Thirst for Learning

Learning has become vast with many areas of focus, how can we ever learn it all? Why do we think we need to?

Lately, I have noticed a few things in my desire to learn. I am constantly drawn to new books. Articles on Facebook are continually grabbing my attention. I have a real thirst for learning.

Do you notice yourself pulled into articles on Facebook or other media sources? Is there something  you want to learn or are you afraid you may miss something you should know?

love of readingIn my desire to learn, I am reading so many articles and books that I find myself wondering what meaning they actually offer. I often notice two things: How much of my time did I use? Was it time well spent?

Today, I am creating a plan of action to help me use my time well and determine where to put my attention. I am choosing:

1. Awareness of my actions. When I pick up my phone or computer and notice I go straight into Facebook out of habit, choosing instead to stop and proceed with my intended action. This will help use my time wisely.

2. Continuous focus. I now use the Do Not Disturb function on my phone and computer when I want to stay focused and not be distracted. This will honour my time and intention.

3. Clear intentions. I will honour my intention to learn something specific for my own personal growth or give myself time to explore what other knowledge attracts me. This is about growing with my purpose.

4. Attention in my experiences. When I choose to do something, I want to notice what feels good and what does not. This will help me determine my best areas of focus.

If we are present in our learning, we will grow toward our purpose. Tweet this!

Does your experience feel similar to mine? What do you notice when you are present to what you are learning? Please share your experiences in the comments.

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Find passion in your learning.

with love,

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