Time for You

Time is an illusion, so they say. Yet when you feel like you never have enough of it or it seems to slip through your fingers, it can feel very real.

Our lives are busy, we have a multitude of obligations, and if we aren’t careful, we can get swept away by our responsibilities and lose connection with the moments, and ourselves.

I recall a few years back, when I was working at the bank. As a dedicated Advisor, I often stayed late to make sure everything was wrapped up and not trailing into my next business day. I never liked falling behind, plus I needed to follow through on my commitments. Meeting the needs of others is engrained in me. I’m a care-giver.

Overtime however, this left me feeling quite drained. My evenings would take me to the gym or to a yoga class for my health regime, then often out for some beverages with friends to release more stress. I would wake the next morning, usually a little off from the bevys, snoozing my alarm to the last minute, then quickly getting myself out the door to once again meet the obligations of the day.

Eventually, I stopped to notice how I was feeling… frustrated. It felt like my life was to serve others, and there is purpose here, but I also wanted to feel like my life was to serve me and my desires. I was curious about how it would feel to get up and give myself some time before I had to give my time to everyone else.

Time-for-YouSo I tried it, I got up in the morning early enough to make a coffee, do some reading or watch the news for a bit, and slowly get myself ready. It was incredible. I couldn’t believe how different it felt. Over time, it became quite a nourishing routine. I transitioned into adding some yoga and meditation in the morning and felt more aligned with myself all day long. My mornings got a bit earlier and I started to go to bed a bit early too, because this morning time for myself was more important to me.

This was in my single days, when I could literally make my own schedule without any interference, but I have still been able to mostly keep to the same structure, even with my family now. Yes, I need to be more lenient at times, but when I do get up for myself, when the birds start chirping my whole day feels better!

What would it feel like to give to yourself first, then give to your world? What could you do to have time for you?

Pop me a note in the comments and share this with your friends! Support one another in taking some time for you!

Love and light,

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