Truth Found in Friendship

Friendships help us reveal our truth through each experience.

Friendships come in many forms. For instance, we have family as friends, our childhood friends, college/university friends, work friends, our extended circles of friends, best friends,  and pet friends. Each relationship offers incredible value in our lives.

Friendships can come and go. Some are short experiences, while others span years. Some bonds in friendship seem timeless, where you can pick up again anytime, no matter what has changed in your lives. But you can find one thing in all, revelation of your values.

The point is, friendships always leave us with experiences and these experiences become part of our personal growth. As we grow, we can clearly identify with what is important to us, our values and our truth.

holding-hands6Here are some of my values I have identified through friendships:

Patience and compassion as we learn about each other.
Respect as we create boundaries around each others needs.
Acceptance, even with disagreement.
Forgiveness despite any hurt, whether intended or not.
Support for each other through growth and challenges.
Peace as the relationship finds  balance.
Love in the entire connection.

Friendships help reveal our values so we can learn to live our truth. Tweet this.

Recently, I lost one of my best friends, Budz the cat. He was a constant being of love in my life for the last 7 years. As I reflect back on our 7 years together, I see how our friendship helped me grow and how I learned what I truly valued through it. I also see how Budz grew and reflected many of these values back to me. I can see the divine plan of our journey together. Although his exit is still hard to feel, as I reflect on our friendship, his purpose here was served well. The memories of our experiences together will be treasured in my heart and soul, while the truths revealed will remain part of who I am.

So, I will leave you with this. Treasure your friendships, see the value in what they bring. No matter the length of time together, pay attention to the truth that is revealed to you from them.

What is your experience of friendships that have come and gone in your life? Do you see your truths revealed in the course of each friendship?

Please share your experiences with values and truth in friendships in the comments.

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May your friendships leave loving imprints on your soul so you can live your truth.

Many blessings friends,

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