Unconditional Love Begins With ‘Me’

Do you think the Wicked Queen in Snow White led us to believe that looking in the mirror and wanting to love our self was wrong?

Today, we are often led to believe that loving yourself is egotistical. That you will be judged and ridiculed if you show more care for your self, than those around you.

Not that you would have the intentions of the Wicked Queen, but why can we not enjoy loving our self, just the way we are. To look in the mirror and say, “Hi Self, I love that smile today!”

We have become so identified with our physical appearance that we do not easily see our internal self with love and clarity of what is our true essence. More and more we hide from this amazing person we hold deep within.

Here are three ways to begin to see your self for the beautiful being you truly are.

Heart in SandAcknowledge your self-judgements – Notice what you are saying to yourself when you look in the mirror. If there are hurtful words or thoughts coming from within you, who are you comparing yourself to? Would you say that to someone else?

Embracing your imperfections – No one is perfect, no one. We are all human beings with numerous imperfections. This week, see if you can feel some love for one thing you typically have not loved about your self. (For me, it started with my butt, I had to learn to love it, because no matter how hard I worked out, it never got smaller, hey J-lo?!)

Learn to love your self first – Feel your greatness and beauty from the inside out. Love yourself the way you want to be loved. If you can love yourself first, you will have more love to give others. And it will come from a genuinely loving place.

If the Wicked Queen could see her self both inside and out, maybe she would have saw the beautiful, courageous person she really was.

When we love our self unconditionally, we are better able to offer love to those around us. Tweet This!

Also, I think it is important to note that I am not saying, don’t strive to be a better you, just love yourself along the way!

In this moment…You Are Perfect, Just The Way You Are.

How do you lean into your greatest self love? Is it unconditional? Please share your comments and experiences.

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xo, Brenda

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