What’s Stopping You?

Sensing a dream you desire, but all you see are hurdles; self-doubt and fears set in, suddenly your are stopped dead in your tracks.

Do you ever find yourself in these moments? Stopping yourself from achieving your dreams?

Manifesting what you know will give you great joy can seem daunting. But consider this, if you received it without effort, would you really appreciate it? Would you be grateful?

So how do you hurdle the walls that present themselves in front of your dreams?

If you’re ready to really feel your dream and live it, try out this three-step process:

1 – Check in with your true intentions for your dream.
What do you want to give the world around you, through your effort? What true purpose lives in your dream? Feel it.

2 – What is natural to you in manifesting this dream?
Feel this purpose in your entire body; what makes it real to you? Notice that part in you that really comes alive.

3 – Draw on your inner resources to set your dream in motion.
Keep this feeling present. What inner resources can you tap into to put it in motion? Be creative. Imagine the possibilities are endless.

Notice how you brought the feeling towards you, through the wall? You can feel your dreams’ presence in you already. Now tap into this feeling and put your true efforts in motion.What's Stopping You

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