What’s this judgement about anyway?

If you were face to face with a critic, how easily could you overcome their views on behalf of your own dreams and desires?

What if this critic was within you?

Our inner critic has a strong influence on each of us. Often keeping us from taking meaningful action in our lives. It also has an impact how we relate to others.

It shows itself through this voice repeating in our minds, setting the bar so high it feels unfathomable, keeping us “safe” from potential harm, and holding us back from possibility. Don’t get me wrong, I think it truly means well…that’s the safety part. But what it does as a result, is keeps us stuck, standing in mud so thick we can barely move.

Then I invite you to notice how your critic sees the world around you. It seems to rear its head out of nowhere, with comments and judgements about others. Just the other day, I found myself judging this girl running on the spot at the corner I was driving by. I felt an urge of frustration at her for running on the spot while she waited for the light (ridiculous I know). I had a moment where a story come up about why I didn’t like her. I caught myself immediately and soon realized the truth of the story. I actually wanted what she was doing for my health and well-being. So I smirked and offered myself compassion for not having run in a while.

I’ve also had conversations lately with clients and even my step-daughter about how judgment is playing a big role in their lives, being afraid to try new steps and take action. In each conversation, it seemed to come down to realizing there is a judgement or criticism at play. Then discovering what was needed to allow them to try… with the possibility of potentially failing, having to try again, letting go of perfectionism or noticing if there is a story playing that kept them head strong in the judgement actually happening.

Many of us are worried about what others will think, and that also plays a big part in our actions. We worry that they will judge us or see us fail, when it seems that we are actually our biggest critics. The likelihood of someone actually judging you for what you judge yourself for is small. They have their own inner critic to deal with. You’re probably worried about messing up and they are worried about their own mess up, or you’re worried about what they will think and they aren’t even paying attention.

When it finally comes time to work with this inner critic and the judgements, we can’t simply ignore this part of ourselves, believe me, it will just get louder. I prefer we dig into its true wisdom, like I did yesterday with the runner.

Potential-emergesAsk yourself…
What am I truly seeing here that I want to see in myself? Is there a way I want to be that I’m not being? What’s truly important to me about this situation?

If you allow your inner critic to set the bar so high that you are scared to even try, you will never take a step forward. However, if you can work with this critic, that wants to see you succeed and do well, then allow it to help.

I believe we can all use the inner critic to help us see how we could do better, to nurture ourselves with growth potential rather than steal our potential. And where there is a critic, there is likely a compassionate praiser as well. Connect with the part of you that gently encourages, supports and cheers you on. If it’s hard to connect to, notice when you want someone else to do well, there it is! See what it has to say about your situation.

Some final thoughts and reminders for all of us.

  • When you judge someone else, this is your opportunity to realize what you really want to see in yourself. Then make it happen.
  • When you’re scared to take action because of judgement by others, remember those you expect are judging you are likely focused on themselves.
  • If your bar is set really high, let go of perfectionism. Remember, nobody’s perfect. 😉 Then give it a go!
  • When you find yourself judging someone else, notice what you truly need inside.
  • If you were encouraging someone else to try, what would you say to them? Keep that in mind for yourself.

Give yourself a chance, every step counts, even the small ones.

Thank you for sharing your time reading this today. Let me know how this article resonates with you. I’d love to hear from you!

Please connect anytime!

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