Why to Add Meditation to Your Daily Routine…and How!

Meditation is the new apple-a-day, though the practice has been around for centuries, it somehow got lost in the external pursuit of happiness.
It’s more than just a buzz word or a fad, it is a foundation for a steady mind, enhanced emotional awareness, and inner contentment. It’s something we all need everyday, just like brushing our teeth, meditation is for cleaning your mind.
Though I was introduced to the act of “centering” when I was 19, it was in my early 30’s that I found and began my journey with meditation and the life changing benefits it provided.
In 2011, I took a 6 week meditation course through a yoga studio I frequented in Calgary. The instructor provided us with a variety of methods of meditation to play with. As a beginner of meditation, this way very helpful, as I find with many things, we need some variety to figure out what works best, even day-to-day, as well as over time. Allowing yourself space to explore methods of meditation brings in a sense of creativity, inspiration and flow.
It is truly a journey inward. For the months following the meditation course, I sat each morning in a space I created for meditation, exploring with different practices. I practiced in the morning which truly set my day. Over time my perception of my world began opening up. I saw things more clearly. I felt focused and engaged in my life in a new way. Within months, I started making the changes to my life that I desperately needed.
I know with my whole being that we can create the changes we desire, we need only truth, support, and discipline to follow through.
All three of these can be discovered in a meditation practice. As you calm your mind over time, you tap into your truth beneath the monkey mind, you cultivate an inner support-system to work through life’s challenges, and find confidence in your dedication to yourself to create your life.
As you begin your meditation practice your external world will show itself to you. Depending on how busy your external world is, this is where the “challenge” will begin. Sitting in meditation, our thoughts immediately start processing everything that is happening on our life, past and future. This is not a bad thing, you need to process life, but with time and acknowledgement of those thoughts you will start to find some space amongst the thoughts to discover clarity and truth in the present moment.
This is why having a focal point is so important in meditation. This a grounding element to help your mind find a steady center amongst the thoughts. The most accessible focal point to start with is your breath.
But before going deeper, here are a few steps to get you ready.
  1. Choose a time of day when you feel alert and not tired.
  2. Find your space to settle into for your meditation. 
  3. Sit with your hips lifted on a cushion or in a chair ensuring you are able to sit upright, so your spine is tall, hips are comfortable, and your head posture is alert. 
  4. Now you will choose how long you wish to sit for and set a timer or guided meditation to follow.
As I mentioned, there are various methods of meditation. I believe it is so important to allow yourself the flexibility, especially at first, to explore them. But most important is finding focus between the random thoughts.
Here are a few mind-focusing methods of meditation to consider. See where you’re drawn, use your intuition:
  • Counting your breath 1-10 over and over
  • Listen to some calming music 
  • Listen to a guided meditation
  • Using a mantra such as “So Ham” (sounds like so hum) which follows your breath
There are many sources for meditation today. Personally I enjoy the app Insight Timer for the multitude of meditation options and tracking system.
If you’re new to meditation, start small, sit for 5 minutes each day and slowly build up the time as you are able. And remember each day is different, sometimes you may feel like you can sit longer, others, you may feel really distracted and disturbed to sit. In these moments take deep breaths to calm your mind and body, but be gentle with yourself. The last thing you want to do is make it overly difficult. Learn to follow your rhythms.
One way to help establish a supportive rhythm is to meditate at the same time each day. This way you create a pattern for your mind to get used to. This will make the process of discipline easier.
Finally, I want to share with you of some of the benefits of establishing a regular meditation practice.
  • Heighten focus and concentration – overtime your mind will begin to “tame” and you’ll find yourself more focused as you move through your day.
  • Discipline and Confidence – when you are committed to an activity such as meditation, you build confidence in yourself to follow through on your intentions, you establish integrity in yourself.
  • Self-Awareness – while you begin to hear and understand some of the thoughts that repeat themselves in your mind, you’ll learn about yourself, what you need and want.
  • Patience – you will enhance your ability to be patient, meet life’s challenges in the moment with ease, as you learn to not react to your minds incessant thoughts.
  • Inner Peace – as you sit for longer periods of time, the space between the thoughts will increase and in turn you will discover the inner peace that has been within you all along, your personal haven. 
  • Creativity and Intuition – the spaciousness that opens up through meditation invites in intuition and inspiration, as well as your unique creative self.
Allow your journey of meditation to unfold with creativity, exploration, intuition, and commitment. ~ Tweet this!
Finally, remember to keep coming back. Don’t let a missed day stop your momentum.
It’s a practice.
If I haven’t convinced you yet that adding meditation to your daily activities is well worth the effort, perhaps recognizing that meditation is the life long medication for a healthy and happy life will.
Do you feel the calling? Are you ready to begin your meditation practice?
Through the month of May, I’m running a Meditation Challenge to help you establish your practice.
Join me in my Facebook Community See Your Bright Spirit to take part or pop me an email and I’ll share the details with you!
May your practice start with grounding breath and finish with a focused mind.
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