Your Power to Decide

Once you have determined that an action is important to you, how do you stick to your decision to do it, especially when it challenges you?

First, it is important to realize the underlying truth of why you need to act on this decision. I remember moments in my life when I knew deep in my heart that I had to do something, even though it seemed challenging or scary to do it. The reason I had to take action was important and in line with what I deeply valued for myself. These kinds of decisions can really challenge us and help us grow. The most life-changing decisions are often the hardest to follow through on. However, if we can remember why it is important to us and what we value about the action, we can fuel our decision-making and follow through.

When we struggle knowing why, we can easy to falter on the decision. Our decision is not connected with our needs nor our will to back it. Here is an example I recently experienced.

I was out for dinner last weekend with family. It was the day after our Easter meal, which I chose to indulged at. Before arriving for our dinner out, I decided I was going to order a salad, because I wanted to feel good about my meal choice, something healthy. I was proud of myself while I enjoyed my salad. It was delicious. Then it happened, one of the children had leftover pizza and did it ever look yummy. In that moment I wavered, right past my inner guidance and my willpower. I had the piece of pizza. Then I went straight for dessert. I fell completely out of my intention. After the meal, I was so full and felt disappointed in myself for my actions.

Reflecting back, here’s what I believe happened.

I was truthful to myself before we arrived, partially. I determined that a salad would be my best meal choice for a healthy meal. I made that decision and stuck to it. But I did not realize the whole truth of what I wanted.

To set myself up for success at the meal, I did not consider the possibility of falling into old habits. One of the children did not finish their meal. I have easily fell into this trap before because of the belief to not be wasteful that is ingrained in me. But I have to remember, how is it my responsibility to ensure all the food is eaten? It is simply not. And I am working on changing this belief, for any meal that is dished up for me.

I faltered on my healthy meal with dessert when I had lost my confidence and gave in to old desires. My power to stick to my decision was lost because I lost touch with my needs.

How could I have succeeded in following my desire for feeling good after a healthy meal?

When driving to the restaurant, and deciding to order a salad, I could have noticed that my true need was to walk out of the restaurant and feel satisfied and energized, by eating a healthy meal from start to finish.

Ironically, a few days later I was at a group discussion. We were talking about decision-making. This is what I walked away with.

The strength of your power Power-to-Decide
to decide is connected to why you have determined it is important to you. If you have a deep connection to this truth you can decide once that it is what you are going to do and use your willpower to follow through.

Can you imagine never having to actually decide again? It can become routine. When you give the decision your full attention and will the first time, you can eliminate the need to make it over and over. Make the decision once and stick to it. Use your will to eliminate how many times you have to make the decision.

Had I heard this before the meal, I could have challenged myself to understand my needs of feeling healthy and energized after the meal and used my willpower to follow through and only have the salad.

This concept of decision-making can be used for specific instances, but what if you are trying to make long-lasting changes to your life-style?

The practice of sticking to small decision can help strengthen your will. Then when you want to take bigger decisions toward change you have confidence in your willpower to draw upon.

A decision fuelled by truth and values, need only be made once for the will to succeed. Tweet this!

Consider this, what is something you have decided to do absolutely every day that meets your needs and you no longer have to decide to do anymore? It became part of your routine through the power to follow through with your decision.

If we can use our power of decision and our will to follow through, then apply it to all of the needs we have been wanting for ourselves, can we overcome the struggles and just do it? I believe we can!

What would you rate your power to decide? How do you feel about your will to follow through?
What have you determined you need, but have not been able to follow through on your decision to actually do it?

Whether it is an everyday routine you are creating or a decision from time to time, you need to use your will to succeed. Decide once and follow through. No more wavering on what you want, determine what is important to you and go do it. It is in your power and only you can.

Here is your chance, let me know how it goes for you!

xo, Brenda

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